Artist Interviews - Namen Bassil

First out in our artist interview series is Namen, a Columbian artist focusing illustrations and hand-drawn animation inspired by old school cartoons.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into your practice.

Drawing has always been a positive distraction for me. In high school instead of listening to the teachers, I would spend my time drawing over my notebooks. Clearly not paying attention in class has left me with no choice but to follow what I was instantly and naturally drawn to practice.

Can you describe your creative process?

I tend to create rough ideas in my head mostly before going to bed so I can start developing them the next day. Once these ideas are put into paper, they become clearer. This is usually a natural and automatic process

What are some of your inspirations and what themes do you pursue?

Inspiration to me comes from different artists and art forms, from film to music. Yet probably the most important source of inspiration to me, comes from thoughts and opinions that I feel the need to depict in a creative way. I usually explore themes related to social behavior.

What is the name of your selected artwork for our swim shorts? 

Hanging skulls

What mediums did you originally use to create it? 

Hand drawing - ink on paper

What is the story behind the design of the shorts? 

The story behind the design started from the need to evolve as an artist as well as from experimenting with detail. I was inspired by different artists and at the time my main objective was to develop a personal style. So at the end the result was a mix of influences and the need to detach myself from them.

What are you working on next? 

My aim is to get involved in the visual side of the music industry.

What do you think are some difficulties that emerging artists face when trying to get their work out there?

Trying to get our work out there would probably be one of the main difficulties. Not enough platforms or ways of exposure for the quantity of talented artists out there.

Finally, what are some words of advice you could give to fellow up-and-coming artists?

Constantly learn, create work and seek opportunities

Instagram: @_namenbasil